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What services does Open DoR Music offer to artists?

Open DoR Music provides local Christian artists help in their ministry. Our goal is to build the artists up and help them in their personal lives and in ministry. Open DoR Music offers three areas of services for artists. They are as followed:


As the manager, the individual is responsible for advancing the artist career as much as possible. The manager must oversee all personnel and their jobs in relation to the artist. At times, the manager might act as a tour manager along with handling conflicts with the promoter and arriving to events in advance to follow up with promoter.


As a booking agent, the individual is responsible for handling of all public appearances, scheduling and contracting all performances and arriving to events in advance to follow up with promoter.

Public Relations:

Public relations will be done by providing visual aides for promotion in print and online through pictures, flyers, business cards, etc. All Open DoR Music staff promotes the artist events online and passes out flyers in music stores, youth groups, churches and concerts.

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